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Compare with Competing Products

Lead tire balancing is one of the biggest sources of lead remaining on our roadways.  In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency says that about 1.6 million pounds of lead fall of our vehicles each year.  For this reason, Canada, Europe and many states in the US now ban lead weights from being used. 

Movable balancing materials have been around for over fifty years.  Early versions used liquid and metal shot.  Ground granulated material was probably the most successful of the early tire balancing remedies, but the ground particles can wear the inside linings of the tire and cause shorter tire life.

Glass microbeads and powders are one of the newer tire balancing solutions.   Because beads are installed through a special valve core, the beads and powder can get under the seal in the core and prevent a complete seal, causing leaks and flat tires. Beads and powders can stick to the bead of the tire during installation; this also prevents a good seal. Beads and powders can even be a safety concern. Because they stick to the inside of the tire, the glass needs to be thoroughly cleaned out before heat is applied for a retread or it can pop and cause injuries.

Made from recycled material, our product can be installed anywhere a tire is being mounted.  It is poured into the tires while being mounted to the rim and can easily be installed in a fraction of the time as conventional balancing.