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How does it Work?

Road Rescue works by using the Newtonian mechanism of centrifugal force to balance the inequalities in weight distribution in the tire and wheel. When the tire and wheel rotate, centrifugal force distributes the tire balancing compound evenly inside the tire.

In unbalanced tires, variations in the thickness or density of the tread or sidewall create a pull away from the center of the tire. This is what creates vibration and uneven wear. The uneven wear then compounds the problem.

With Road Rescue installed, centrifugal force makes the compound move in the opposite direction of that unequal pull. This offsets the effects of heavy spots on the tire, keeping the tire balanced at all times. Even as heavy spots change because of wear or embedded stones, free-flowing Road Rescue will automatically compensate and move to the place it's needed.

As an extra benefit, Road Rescue uses the same principle to compensate for any imbalance created by the other moving parts of the wheel assembly - brake drums, hub and wheel bearings, as well as road surface irregularities. The result is a smoother ride, better gas mileage and longer tire life.