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How it Saves

  • Tires using Road Rescue run 8-10% cooler. This means longer tire life and better fuel mileage!
  • No rebalancing of the tires is required once Road Rescue is installed.

Let's look at a single tire example:

Conventional Tire Balancing

Cost of Tire $350
Cost of Initial Balancing $25
Cost of Rebalancing $30
TOTAL: $405

Loss of revenue for downtime while balancing? You can fill in this for yourself.

Tire Balancing with Road Rescue

Cost of Tire $350
1 Package of Road Rescue $10
Savings from Extra Tire Life* - $31
TOTAL: $309

The difference in cost shown does not include fuel savings or health benefits from a smoother drive.

*Customers report a 4-15% increase in tire life. Our estimate is based on a 9% increase.