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this S--t works

I don’t know how this S—T works; but this S—T works

Independent Trucker

I have had no complaints as of yet

I have been using this product for several weeks now and have had no complaints as of yet.

I have used other products in the past such as Equal and Magnum and this product is by far more superior then those. I had lots of problems with those products and just quit using them.

I am glad that John turned me on to this new product as now I can increase my profits in this way.

Thanks for bringing this great product to the market place.

Erica Erickson
All around Tire

Smoother Ride

To Whom it May Concern;

Since I switched from lead weight balancing to Road Rescue, my drivers tell me it helps get rid of the vibration, and the ride is smoother. What I noticed is that I get much better wear on my roll-off trucks and the trailers get better fuel mileage.

Lawrence Bria
President, Bria Carting

Our problems have been solved.

To Whom it May Concern,

We are a garbage company that services thousands of customers daily. We also have a transfer station at the rear of the property, which is accessed by a gravel road. In the past, we balanced our tires with lead weights and could not keep the tires balanced. This is because the stones would get stuck in the treads, throwing the tire out of balance. Since we switched to Road Rescue compound, our problems have been solved.

Anthony Prestamo
General Manager
Somers Sanitation, New York

Road Rescue worked great

I am a retired teamster truck driver, with over 50 years experience in driving all kinds of vehicles. In my opinion, I thought the Road Rescue worked great. I noticed a big difference in the steering of my R.V. and the way it handled the road. It was less tiring on my arms and the ride seemed much smoother.

Anthony Brucci

Rapid Tire has been using Road Rescue

Tires are our business, and we do it well. Our customers are for the most part regulars. They come back again and again. This shows us that they are happy with the service and products we sell.

Rapid Tire has been using Road Rescue in many of their truck tires and have had excellent results to date. The cost of the product helps us to be very competitive.

Tom Terrisillo
Rapid Tire

Commercial tires and re-capping

My business focuses on commercial tires and re-capping. We also do passenger tires. The product Road Rescue was introduced to us some time ago, and we have been using it ever since. Needless to say, I believe it does a good job at the right price.


Bump steer shake at 45 mph

Dear JJ Dynamic,

I just wanted to let you know that I run a fleet of transfer trailers. One of my Freightliner tractors gave me a real headache; we had a bump steer shake at 45 mph and when you went over bridges it would shake bad. We had the truck aligned four times, switched rims and tires; nothing worked. If we mechanically balanced it, it would last a week. But as you know, tires rotate on the rims. Then one day Johnny Mac said to try this. Problem gone. I have used it since and that was 2001.

John L. Chase, Chase Trashport LLC
Interlaken, New york